FAQ about our psd to html services

Frequently asked questions

Have a question? We have the answers! If you need more information just visit the contact page and drop us a line.

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer great PSD to (X)HMTL/CSS coding services, email crossmail markup services and CMS implementation services.We basically take your design file and convert it to whatever you may need.

  • Where are you guys located?

    We are one of the few US based PSD to HTML companies.We're based in "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia.

  • What is your work schedule?

    Our schedule is Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST (GMT - 4).The orders that are received after 02:00 PM will be processed the following work day.

  • Do you hand code?

    Yes, we hand code everything from scratch.

  • Does your code validate?

    Of course it does!We pride ourselves with giving the client absolutely perfect code.Both the HTML and CSS will validate.We check it against the W3C standards.

  • What browsers do you check the code in?

    We check all major browsers, including : IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 2+, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome.

  • What doctypes do you use?

    We only use the xhtml 1.0 strict doctype, which is the highest markup standard.We can, of course, change this to whatever you may require.

  • Is your code SEO friendly?

    You can rest assured that all of the code will be optimized and not only will it render perfectly across all major browsers(the dreaded IE 6 too) but it will also be SEO friendly.

  • Do you optimise loading time?

    Yep, our guys are experts at optimising images for the web, we also use sprites.

  • Do you support sIFR or Cufon?

    Just send us the font files with your order and specify which method you need used.

  • What is the turnaround time for your PSD to HTML / CSS service?

    We offer three turnaround time options : expedited (24 hours), two business days and five business days.

  • What is the turnaround time for your PSD to crossmail service?

    We would return your email newsletter coded within 48 hours.

  • What is the turnaround time for CMS implementation?

    Implementation to a CMS is scheduled separately from general psd to html markup, depending on the functionality required.Meaning, that the turnaround time listed on the order page will not apply to CMS implementation.We normally deliver the files within five days after the HTML and CSS is completed

  • What other CMS implementation services do you offer?

    Aside our html to wordpress service we also offer : html to drupal, html to magento and html to joomla.

  • What file types do you accept?

    We accept all graphic files : ".gif", ".jpeg", ".png", ".psd"... Just zip them up and either upload through our order page or send them to orders@psd3slice.com.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We curently accept only PayPal as payment.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yep, we offer 50% off for all inner pages.We also offer discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for more information.

  • What upfront will you need to get me started?

    We require 100% upfront payment for any project.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, if you're not 100% satisfied we will either work with you until you are or just refund your money! Some restrictions apply.

  • Do you offer support?

    Yep, all orders come with free 30 days support!

  • Will you sign NDA agreements?

    Yes, just send it along and we'll sign it for you.By default we guarrante your privacy.

  • I don't want anybody to know I outsource!

    It will be our little secret.We will not use your project in our portfolio, unless you grant us the permission.

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  • 15.000 CSS code written on avg / week
  • 85.000 CSS code written on avg / month
  • 1.500 CSS code written / project avg